Commercial Reel

Matt has has been telling stories his whole life. He was at the helm of his high school’s closed-circuit television channel, writing and producing piercing exposé pieces like “What’s Really in the Sloppy Joes?” and “Is the Algebra Teacher Looking Down Girls’ Shirts?” (that guy actually got fired).  In college he studied chemistry, of all things, and started a comedy troupe with friends that performed for a few years.  After graduating and realizing that he did not want to work where chemists work (pre-Breaking Bad), he fell into a deep despair traveling throughout Europe taking in art, culture and a paradigm shift in his world view (okay, he was loving it).  After a few years in Europe, he picked up German, a Dutch girl and a blog.  Returning to the West Coast, he leveraged his very particular set of skills (in Liam Neeson’s voice) into a job in advertising. Which he loved. He had found two perfect marriages; the Dutch girl and getting paid to be creative and write.  At that moment, knowing he had put his personal puzzle of life together before 30 years old, he turned a gun on himself and this is a website memorial in his honor (since no one is going to start a Wikipedia page for him). Matt Doell. Some would say, “what a waste of remarkable talent.”  His wife would say, “sweet, I got a U.S. passport.”