Commercial Reel


Matt has been telling stories his whole life. He was at the helm of his high school’s closed-circuit television channel, writing and producing piercing exposé pieces like, “Is The Lunch Lady A Man Or Woman?” and, “Is the Algebra Teacher Looking Down Girls’ Shirts?” (that guy actually got fired).  In university he studied chemistry, of all things, and started a comedy troupe with friends that performed for tens of people.  After graduating and realizing that he did not want to work where chemists work (pre-Breaking Bad), he fell into a deep despair traveling throughout Europe taking in art, culture and a paradigm shift in his worldview (okay, he desperately needed it).  After a few years in Europe, he picked up German, a Dutch girl and a blog.  Returning to the West Coast, he leveraged his very particular set of skills into a job into copywriting and then commercial film production. Which he loved. He had found two perfect marriages; the Dutch girl and getting paid to be write and direct commercials and content for awesome brands.  At that moment, knowing he had put his personal life-puzzle together before 30 but still feeling a sense of vapid emptiness, he walked into the woods covered in only permanent marker and blackberry juice never to be seen again.  This is a website memorial in his honor (since no one is going to start a Wiki page for him). Matt Doell: some would say, “what a waste of remarkable talent”, his wife would say, “sweet, I got a U.S. passport!”